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About the UXD Chris Vlog

With this show you should become an insight into what a life of an entrepreneur is really like because it is not always simply about doing what you love. I am not doing some nice UX Designs every single day. It can get tough from time to time. To give you a chance to learn from my mistakes I want to give you daily insights into my life as a UX Design Entrepreneur. 

UX Globals

The brand I created is UX Globals and our mission is to make User Experience the number one reason why a company or solution becomes successful or not. The plan is to provide all information and assets that an entrepreneur, manager or UX Designer needs to create the best user experience that can be achieved.

Your Feedback

As this channel/podcast is for you I rely on your feedback! What do you expect from this show? Which topics do you want to hear about? Simply send me a direct mail to contact@ux-chris.com and I will get back to you within 12 hours! Remember: Always keep pushing! Have a good one!